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the hidden seamstress ; onyun


heyy remember that tacticians cloak i posted a few days ago well hERE YA GO HAVE FUN

hello nwn i looove your reverie rose pattern! i would like to change the colors a bit though *o* would it be okay if i used a website to convert your qr code to the pixels to allow me to edit it? i would put on my acnl blog that my mayor is wearing your code (aka i would not take credit!) and it wouldn't be available in my DA! owo

hiyaaa ! thank you ^ U ^ ) sorry for the late reply & sure, glad you like my design!


Tan cableknit sweater with navy blue pleated skirt an sailor collar suggested by princesskeru   I’m bad at sailor collars » But for my first attempt not bad I guess ><

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This is my Café…have some patterns.


Dress for Easter tomorrow.


I have a thing for making suspender skirts. gosh.


Casual princess created by sisi-bella

☆ Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Jellyfish Princess OP my AC:NL QR codes 


Flower bed by namahamrich


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